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Fast Facts About WannaCry

WannaCry (AKA WannaCrypt) is ransomware that began to surface last week. It targets unpatched Microsoft Windows systems, and last week’s cyber-attack has infected computers in more than 150 countries so far. Reports say that the ransomware is demanding $300-$600 in Bitcoin. Paying the ransom is no guarantee that your files will be unlocked. The exploit

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Microsoft Windows 95 is 21 years old

Here at Pro-Computer Services, Inc. we are feeling a little nostalgic.  As it turns out yesterday was Microsoft Windows 95’s 21st Anniversary.  Oh the memories 😉 “If you start me up… if you start me up I’ll never stop…” Check out the official release commercial – may you have as much fun watching it as

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Email is a common network security vulnerability

One of the most common ways viruses can get into your network is by email.  With a little bit of imagination, an attacker can send out an email message to your organization that will entice your users to infect their computers by opening attached files. A recent would-be attacker was very creative:   Notice that

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